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  • adj. Alternative spelling of self-conscious.


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  • Re-effin sponded, with a lot of overblown selfconsciousness, which makes me even more selfconscious.

    SVGL Needs You!

  • I detest the noise and would be quite selfconscious shooting next to someone on the firing line as though I don't respect them enough not to deafen them for my own enjoyment.

    Muzzle Brake Pros and Cons

  • So I guess it's one painstaking selfconscious step at a time, until I internalize all this stuff and learn to do it automatically.

    The real offence, as she ultimately perceived, was her having a mind of her own at all.

  • Maybe I was too selfconscious and embarrassed a teenager to speak up when Indian men groped my breasts on crowded public transport, or when the ski instructor guided me down the slope with both hands on my buttocks.

    On watching the Hey Dad Scandal evolve

  • At his back, shorter-legged and more portly and selfconscious of bearing, Canon Morgant hugged his ponderous dignity about him, and kept a noncommittal countenance.

    His Disposition

  • And unfortunately, there was just as clearly this little selfconscious dance going on among us, where they were unwilling (as they quite rightly should be) to censure their relationshipping just because I was there, but weren't sure if I was cool with that and whether they'd have to turn confrontational at any point (with, say, some handlicking).

    A tale of how homophobia messes stuff up for everyone - And She Knits Too!

  • I can't quite bring myself to open the laptop in a diner -- too selfconscious, though this may have as much to do with my day gig eating up the hours when the diner would be emptier -- but at Starbucks, they expect you to sit there for four hours on a single $2 espresso.

    Mental Space: The Final Frontier

  • Boldly selfconscious, "Poison" switches channels among its three stylistically varied but thematically linked tales with cumulative, claustrophobic power.

    'Poison' Doesn't Go Down Easy

  • Unlike Mailer, he's neither smug nor selfconscious.

    The New Oral Tradition

  • And Truman exited office niftily in time to avoid the gangly selfconscious repressed fifties.



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