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  • adj. Produced by vegetative propagation


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  • Even before reading something like Stir of Echos I've always feared the possibilty of "something else" taking an interest my poor de-souled, de-energized, de-selfed (whatever) body. * chuckle* This fear doesn't come up very often because I don't have the sleep paralysis stuff very often.

    Back up again

  • “It has selfed to you, now, and will know your body readings and mask them,” Gurrhim said.

    Rihannsu: The Bloodwing Voyages

  • _Rubricalyx_ is therefore a dominant heterozygote, and this fact was further confirmed in the third generation when a selfed plant gave 200 offspring all _rubricalyx_, the mother plant having evidently been homozygous for the red character.

    Hormones and Heredity

  • You can live somewhere all your life and find yourself surrounded by products - you might quickly become an utterly un-selfed consumer like a game-show contestant or a tourist. Main RSS Feed

  • There is growing speculation that the BoE MPC has not completely selfed the QE asset purchase plan and will need to extend the program by £25bn near term (not the anticipated "pause" in February).

  • For the androecious (a) gene segregation, 'Oman' was crossed with an androecious line, Erez (ffMMaa), and the F1 was selfed to produce the F

    PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles

  • The RT-PCR and IRAP protocol were applied to detect the presence of Copia and Gypsy retrotransposon transcripts and of new events of integration in unstressed plants of a sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) selfed line.

    BioMed Central - Latest articles

  • Because you know that Reid got so many damn phone calls and so much hate mail on this FISA bill that he selfed the damn thing instead of lying outright to American citizens, unlike Pelosi, (I mean, Harry Reid, the VERY first guy that usually caves in on anything Bush wants, decided NOT to vote for the FISA bill - despite all pics of him hugging everyone else in the Senate that did vote it) so it is amazing that somehow Obama doesn't pick up the crux of how, in the political world, ONLY self-serving agendas are best and that Obama does not owe anybody in congress ANYTHNG, Doesn't own anybody anything other than loyalty to his voters.

    Conservative Activist Grover Norquist: Obama Is "Kerry With A Tan"

  • _rubricalyx_ was selfed again the numbers of the two were approximately 3 to 1.

    Hormones and Heredity


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