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  • n. Plural form of seltzer.


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  • You can avoid drinking alcohol and still remain social by sipping on seltzers, club soda or sparkling mineral water on the rocks with a citrus twist.

    The 17 Day Diet

  • Soft-drink makers are under siege: flavored seltzers, carbonated fruit drinks and bottled ice tea have made serious inroads into the cola makers 'core audience: teens and young adults.

    More Fattening! Tastes Great!

  • Have vodka seltzers at tonight's party and red wine at the one on Friday.

    Jodi Lipper and Cerina Vincent: How To Survive A Holiday Hangover

  • Now as far as the drinks go, the food-based drinks, no added sweeteners, waters and seltzers, low or fat free milk as far as the drinks go as well, specifically, and what they're recommending to parents as well.

    CNN Transcript Sep 15, 2003

  • Punch and seltzers and soda pops were served alongside.


  • I asked for water and something for a headache, and thought sympathetically about the man who said he didn't like Alka-seltzers because they were so noisy.


  • So the upshot of it was that instead of taking chloroform, Pupkin stepped up to the counter of the fountain and he had a bromo-seltzer with cherry soda, and after that he had one of those aerated seltzers, and then a couple of lemon seltzers and a bromo-phizzer.

    Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town

  • No doubt he would hint darkly as to his riotous living during the past few days and refer to his diet of bromo-seltzers.


  • Founded by Jack Miller in 1936, the company started out by selling seltzers and syrups door to door in Brooklyn neighborhoods.

    Fading Ad Blog by Frank H. Jump

  • I tried the cigarette approach to quit - I switched brands first to cut down (I went to Diet Dr. Pepper), and drank coffee in the AM to ease the caffiene, then found a couple of flavored seltzers that I liked (Schwepps) then went off all sacharine and aspartame.

    Serious Eats


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