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  • n. One who studies semantics, the science of meaning in words.


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  • Although calculating what the exact cost of any given transfer requires an advanced math degree, a lawyer, a semantician, two sacrificial goats and a ouiji board, there's little doubt that there's a fee or two involved, as well as an exchange rate discount.

    Banking while living in Mexico

  • Perhaps for that reason, the semantician had begun to set forth elementary facts.


  • Isis is a planetary archaeologist, Heimdal a merchant, Vishnu a xenologist, Kwan Yin a semantician-and thus it goes, as diverse as the cosmos itself.

    The Game Of Empire

  • Oliver Johnson, the semantician who had charge of developing a common language, found his immediate task made absurdly easy by the channel of communication through Hans Weatheral.

    The Past Through Tomorrow

  • Perhaps I should feel insulted at his dastardly intentions toward meand possibly I would, at home, but this is Venusberg, where the distinction between a shameful proposition and a formal proposal of honorable marriage lies only in the mind and would strain a semantician to define.

    Podkayne Of Mars

  • Sandra Cummings, analyst-synthesist and semantician, was tall, blonde and svelte.

    Masters of Space

  • ooh i love dorky-hot, i think it may well be my favourite kind of hot although i am also a big fan of erudite-semantician hot as glamorously modelled by mr sandy above. also am loving the rat's tail action from afar. well done and bravo to all concerned.

    don't think i didn't

  • June 11, 2007 at 4:34 PM damnit jim, i’m a doctor not a semantician!

    Want to write for BGR? « Boy Genius Report

  • June 11, 2007 at 4:33 PM damnit jim, i’m a doctor not an semantician!

    Want to write for BGR? « Boy Genius Report

  • Whatever expertise I may have is abstract, in the underlying structure and logic of language, "said humankind's most famous linguist and semantician.



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