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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of semaphore.


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  • If the events of Hal's homecoming are well-semaphored, the middle section gives this elegantly conceived work its fire.

    Small Wars by Sadie Jones: Book summary

  • However, good intentions stifle the drama, as clever plot complexities communicate history but constrain characters, and emotions are semaphored in brittle dialogue.


  • The driver telegraphed the next move as clearly as if hed semaphored out the open window.

    Gold of Kings

  • Thick fog prevented this extraordinary message from being semaphored to London.

    American Connections

  • Like a sentient worm, one tentacle semaphored in his direction.

    Lost And Found

  • Plywood cutouts of more clowns greeted me: one pointed the way to the checkroom, another to a door marked RESTROOMS; a third had a mechanical arm that semaphored toward the club proper.

    The Shape of Dread

  • Lights from the ships far out semaphored unknown messages to unknown recipients.

    The Miko

  • She broke off suddenly and semaphored her ears toward her husband.

    Myth-Ing Persons

  • The men, their construction work finished, lay about on the ground with the unreal clarity of a Dali painting, and the arriving car semaphored golden and crimson greetings from its windshield.


  • With less than five minutes to go, when the horses were already cantering down to the start, a tremendous burst of tic-tac activity galvanised the men with white gloves high on the stands who semaphored changes of odds.

    Twice shy


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