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  • n. Plural form of semblance.


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  • It does not breed cultured pearls, nor does it deal in semblances and emblems, and it would not be satisfied by any feast of music.

    Saint-John Perse - Banquet Speech

  • There were no words nor semblances in his vocabulary and experience with which to describe the totality of that sound.


  • Was his death a reminder that despite our brightest accomplishments and the semblances of meaning that we spend our lives desperately stockpiling, one day we too will see our best of intentions fall to the floor?

    Max Lugavere: A Grief Observed

  • So: nine glass and paper lambdoid forms stand clustered, as ciphers and as semblances.

    Art from Weaving Women's Words: Baltimore Stories

  • As ciphers they acknowledge the many words spoken; as semblances they honor all that cannot be said.

    Art from Weaving Women's Words: Baltimore Stories

  • With expanses of glass and neon-lit interiors the very earliest semblances of the boutique sheen of the market state.

    'The Pregnant Widow'

  • In order to fully consolidate his regime's undemocratic rule and his own position as the "Supreme Leader" in the months after the 1979 revolution, Khomeini gradually eliminated all semblances of peaceful political activity, ordering his extremist and fundamentalist followers (known as "hezbollahis") to attack and disrupt rallies by opposition groups, ranging from liberals to leftists.

    Ali Safavi: Reality Check: Understanding the Mujahedin-e Khalq

  • They dazzle the eye with semblances of old pride and faded glory, both too diluted to have any practical effect upon a sated and dispirited population.

    Steven Weber: Blah-g

  • Although only silhouettes, they bore the semblances of satyrs, their muscular legs akin to those of furred goats and ending in heavy, cloven hooves and their heads bearing sharp horns that curved back.


  • These semblances of real life interaction and the feelings we have for our toys and favorite characters may feel authentic, but they offer experiences quite different than person-to-person ones.

    Christine Huang: Can You Fall in Love With Your Favorite TV Character?


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