from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English.

  • noun The study of signs as an element of communication; the analysis of systems of communication; -- also called semiology.
  • noun a theory of signs and symbols, including as branches semantics, pragmatics and syntactics.

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  • noun Alternative spelling of semiotics.


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  • Note the semeiotics, if you will: English uses alphabetical characters, uniform and mechanical, meaningless in themselves, meaningful only when combined in words; Japanese uses ideographs, scripted and lyrical, meaningful in themselves but sometimes also conveying a higher meaning when combined together; the square-code language uses geometric designs, intentionally mechanical, yet undeniably aesthetic, meaningful in themselves but presumably not combined syntactically (from item to item) in commerce.

    Probing the Psyche of the Information Age: (A Digital Art Website Review)


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