semi-articulate love



from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Loose-jointed; half-invertebrate.


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  • "I was just part of this greater thing, or place, or force, or energy," he drivels, like a semi-articulate hippy.

    The Final Testament of the Holy Bible by James Frey – review

  • The level of sublime and semi-articulate idiocy that these two characters achieve is all too recognizable, as life can certainly be tough in Orange County!

    Buzzine » Jenna Elfman and Lisa Nova in “Orange County”

  • Billy is a motherless 11-year-old boy living in squalor with his grandmother, who is senile, and his father and older brother, striking miners who smolder with semi-articulate rage.

    A Clumsy Mix of Art and Politics

  • And at that very moment, the sky opened, the seas turned to blood, and a torrent of frogs rained down – while Bush verbalized (albeit in choppy, semi-articulate idiom) the very essence of what I had just been thinking.

    There are more than two options for Iran!

  • I think of myself as pretty agreeable, the sort of person who nods a lot in response to whomever is speaking and who peppers her responses with a lot of ‘yeah-yeahs’ and who generally expresses at least some sympathy with any semi-articulate and semi-reasonable opinion.

    Rooms With A Skew

  • In a way Protorov felt sorry for the man as he heard the semi-articulate babbling created by the multitude of sera the doctor had shot into the subject.

    The Miko

  • Instead, the usual semi-articulate conspiracy which aims to saddle Hitler with the responsibility for every defeat in the field which the German Army sustained has evolved a conventional fiction — to the effect that the Army was "prevented" from breaking out by Hitler's expressly denying them this course of action.


  • She rose from her chair and caught up the baby who was holding out both arms to her and trying in his semi-articulate way to indicate his preference of her lap to the basket.

    Flamsted quarries

  • The labor organizations were strengthened in their campaign for shorter hours and longer pay by thousands of their own members returned, all semi-articulate, all more or less belligerent.

    Poor Man's Rock

  • Yet it was incredible that he could have caught so much from mere interviews with a semi-articulate stranger, unless what he said was strictly true, and this Russian had positively touched latent fires in his soul by a kind of sympathetic magic.

    The Centaur


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