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  • Surely the overthrow of what the party still calls the "semi-feudal system" that had delivered a weakened China into the hands of foreign powers is a moment any revolutionary party would celebrate?

    China's Confucian makeover | Isabel Hilton

  • Even after 1865, when the African-American was ostensibly "free," the South, with the complicit support of the North and the federal government , soon instituted the "Black Codes" that guaranteed that a disproportionate number of people of color would be laboring under a semi-feudal form of peonage called "share cropping" or involuntary servitude in which a petty crime or misdemeanor could result in a long sentence of hard labor.

    Joel Shatzky: Educating for Democracy: A House Divided Against Itself

  • He criticized the proliferation of top-heavy headquarters and support organizations, saying they had become a "semi-feudal system" within the Pentagon that was difficult to rein in.

    Gates Pitches Military Pay Cuts

  • Meanwhile, there are more than enough energy projects in Burma that have potentially disastrous community and environmental and human rights impacts: the hydro dams on the Salween River, including the pipelines, massive Chinese agri-business ventures in the north that involve land-grabbing and semi-feudal working conditions, the Dawei Tavoy port project and industrial park in southern Burma, and the Kaladan River and road project being pursued by Indian firms in western Burma.

    David Scott Mathieson: The Myitsone Dam Decision in Burma

  • In this scenario public anger and disappointment – about all sorts of things – bubbles away below the surface – the phrase someone used to me in semi-feudal Witney this week – but doesn't emerge until people are in the polling booth, pencil in hand.

    General election 2010: What if the media has got it all wrong?

  • This "crumbling stone" (the breakdown of a semi-feudal society) is depicted throughout "Pedro Páramo," his chillingly powerful sociological novel.

    The few, the proud, the work of Juan Rulfo (1917–1986)

  • Therefore, all the ethnic units in China, including the Han, were not minzu but buzu (narodnost in Russian), a stage between tribe (buluo) and nation (minzu) in the linear Marxist social trajectory, because China before 1949 was labeled as "semi-feudal and semi-colonial," 19 a precapitalist society.

    Between Winds and Clouds: The Making of Yunnan (Second Century BCE to Twentieth Century CE)

  • Note 19: Maoism sees China between 1840 (the Opium War) and 1949 as "semi-feudal and semi-colonial," which has been the official interpretation of modern China society. back

    Between Winds and Clouds: The Making of Yunnan (Second Century BCE to Twentieth Century CE)

  • I learned that in post-war Europe some of the countries had been semi-feudal; and that for survivors to side with the communists who had fought in the resistance, instead of re-installing Nazi-collaborationist monarchs and oligarchs who had looted the country, was hardly difficult to understand.

    Chip Berlet: Abstaining from Bad Sects

  • The once-chic department store, which still stands in downtown Cairo like a fallen diva, started off as Cairo's answer to Harrods, and was frequented by the city's large European population and the moneyed Egyptian elite, including the semi-feudal land-owning pasha class.

    A shop window on Egyptian history


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