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  • I read a semi-scientific (even I could do the math) article this week that showed how solar, tidal, wind and hydro can not produce the amount of electricity the Greenies insist it will because of land requirements alone.

    Coyote Blog » Blog Archive » The Cost of Solar

  • I really enjoy these stories, and at the same time, it defines what I want to write: something with equal adventure, but with more scientific and semi-scientific underpinning.


  • It's too bad the show ended up being only about characters, because that whole interesting semi-scientific storyline was better than most of the characters although Sawyer, no shirt – WIN!

    Lost: The End - Pink

  • Through the 19th century, and the first half of the 20th, belief in ghosts was almost respectable, semi-scientific, and approached the status of religion to a really surprising degree.

    Transcript: Ghosts! « Coyote Con

  • In the name of semi-scientific inquiry and personal sanity, I decided I shouldn't test these non-pharma sleep tips alone.

    Sharon Glassman: Why Can't Women Sleep? Part III: Non-Pharma Sleep Tips

  • So I take the semi-scientific Google approach to see whose parental stance is correct and find that, short of Googling with search words that may result in a federal inquiry (never a good idea to put "young children" and "sexuality" in a search box together), there isn't much info on the web as to what age is appropriate and customary for both males and females to show an interest in the opposite sex.

    Amy Nebens and Jara Negrin: Should a Six Year Old Date?

  • Are we on the verge of a new era of free, endless, non-polluting power that will forever change the way the world works, or is this just a bizarre semi-scientific boondoggle that will take its place in the history books along with claims of cold-fusion?

    Free, clean and endless power? | Sync Blog

  • At lower gravity, it may be possible to create alloys with very useful properties that are impossible to create on Earth insert much opportunity of semi-scientific BS here.

    About steps and stuff

  • It would involve the semi-scientific explanation of how my various people are all related, and be from the POV of the scientist who does this work, and feature a group that is not impressed with what's being revealed.

    progress reports

  • Two well known “celestial hieroglyphs,” or semi-magical, semi-scientific mainstays of science fiction, are time travel and travel that exceeds the speed of light.

    ‘How Fantasy Took Over Science Fiction’ « Gerry Canavan


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