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  • n. Plural form of semicircle.


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  • A better story, though not necessarily a good one, might begin: Yesterday morning, over my usual bowl of Cheerios, I was alarmed to note that the Cheerios were shaped not as standard circles, but as semicircles, as if someone had used a surgical scalpel to slice each individual Cheerio precisely in half.

    Telling Tails

  • He was looking tired, Mulcahy thought, noticing the dark semicircles forming beneath his eyes.

    The Priest

  • The same idea applies to the forms in the figure above, which are all constructed from semicircles joined at connection points evenly distributed along a vertical line.

    Wolfram Blog : Minimum Inventory, Maximum Diversity

  • This took more thought than my initial attempt, particularly in understanding how to constrain the locators so that the endpoints of the semicircles land on the connection points.

    Wolfram Blog : Minimum Inventory, Maximum Diversity

  • I designed a more usable widget (using the Locator function) that let me drag the semicircles directly and add and remove semicircles by command-clicking on a Mac (alt-clicking for Windows).

    Wolfram Blog : Minimum Inventory, Maximum Diversity

  • Selgas Cano's "Erratic Void," from Madrid, is a small vibrant burst of brilliant color exploding from the oculus at its center, and Zaha Hadid's "Z Wave" reduces the spiral to a few dynamically enhanced speeding semicircles.

    Ramping Up Wright's Vision

  • Black asphalt streets were laid out in semicircles.

    Crossing Mandelbaum Gate

  • The path toward perfecting our union has long been marked by semicircles and switchbacks, regress, tragedy and surprising forward bounds.

    Big Girls Don’t Cry

  • The area of a semicircle on the hypotenuse, for example, is equal to the sum of the areas of the semicircles on the other two sides.


  • Vale noticed only now the dark semicircles of orange-peel flesh beneath his eyes.

    Star Trek: Typhon Pact: Seize the Fire


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