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  • n. A plant that grows to a lesser height than usual for its kind, but taller than a dwarf variety.


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semi- +‎ dwarf


  • Borlaug solved that challenge by developing genetically unique strains of "semidwarf" wheat, and later rice, that raised food yields as much as sixfold.

    Norman Borlaug

  • The purpose is to hasten the pace of modern rice genetics, which since the 1960s has delivered a series of new strains, starting with higher-yielding semidwarf varieties, a breakthrough that was hailed as the Green Revolution.

    Join the Hunt for Super-Rice - Bits Blog -

  • Beetle vs. Nematode I ignored it when they skeletonized the leaves of my semidwarf plum tree.

    War of the Roses:

  • CIMMYT and Canadian researchers set out to produce high-yielding lines with semidwarf habit and straw stiff enough to withstand windstorms and to accept high levels of fertilization without lodging.

    2 History

  • The state of Oregon has released a semidwarf winter type called

    Chapter 12

  • Most lines now withstand adverse wind and weather conditions as well as semidwarf wheats do.

    3 Triticale Today

  • All Southmeadow trees are grafted onto dwarf (6 to 9 feet) or semidwarf (15 feet or more) stock.

    Chicago Reader

  • Question: I need to determine what is snipping off the leaves and small branches from my semidwarf orange tree. | news

  • a semidwarf 16 to 18 feet; and a dwarf 10 to 12 feet, Montenegro said. Stories


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