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  • n. Mathematics A set for which there is a binary operation that is closed and associative.

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  • n. Any set for which there is a binary operation that is both closed and associative.


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semi- +‎ group


  • A semigroup is a set together with an associative operation, called the multiplication of the semigroup and notated xy rather than f (x, y).


  • The final equation for the evolution at the ensemble level is of the quantum dynamical semigroup type and has a structure extremely similar to the final one of the GRW theory.

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  • X, whence the semigroup of all functions on a set X forms a monoid.


  • The semigroup of all nonempty words over a given alphabet has as a subsemigroup the words of even length; however the words of odd length do not form a subsemigroup because the concatenation of two odd-length words is not of odd length.


  • A commutative semigroup is a semigroup whose operation is commutative.


  • "Non-breaking error handling is just an applicative functor on a partially applied disjoint union type constructor with semigroup error elements so what's the big deal?"

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  • These considerations illustrate how the commonly used semigroup ansatz for time evolution of the unstable systems arises.

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  • Th ... abc on adelic Bost-Connes unknown: But then, we can form the crystalline semigroup graded skew-group algebra.

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