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  • Or will a future generation decide that since Arthur is a semilegendary figure who can't be precisely pinned down anyway, it is legit to put him in his traditional setting even if technically anachronistic?

    The Kingmaking, by Helen Hollick. Book review

  • Nor do we need to know that he had lunch at "a semilegendary barbecue joint" while enroute.

    Great Idea, Limited Uplift

  • In fairness, a synologue to Britain can as easily be called "Britain" as "Lyonesse," but real geographical names assert our-worldness in a way that semilegendary people's names do not.

    Pendragon, by Stephen Lawhead. Book review.

  • One of the most important tables is number 5, showing the descent of the Merovingians from their semilegendary founder, Merovée, customarily known in English as Merovech (proclaimed King of the Franks in 448; the dynasty was named after him) to Dagobert I (602–638).

    The Sion Revelation

  • The dynasty descended from the semilegendary Merowech, first noted c.

    e. The Frankish Kingdom

  • Of far mightier but still semilegendary renown is the biblical prophet Moses, who after Yahweh spoke to him from the Burning Bush and called for him to deliver the Hebrews from Egypt, protested his unworthiness, and begged to be released from his task.

    Knotted Tongues

  • In the semilegendary history of Iran is to be found a tale, retold by

    A Voyage to Cacklogallinia With a Description of the Religion, Policy, Customs and Manners of That Country

  • The semilegendary Assyrian queen Semiramis supposedly ordered her posse of fanatical drug-addled priests to tear King Nimrod limb from limb, eat him raw, and put her illegitimate son on the throne in his place, but don't read too much into the name of this spot in the space left vacant by the semilegendary Shawerma King.

    Chicago Reader

  • 550 B.C., whose semilegendary life would give hope to anyone thinking himself ill-favored by the gods.

    Knotted Tongues

  • And he followed in the footsteps of Cyrus the Great, founder in 550 B.C. of the Achaemenid Empire named for Achaemenes, the semilegendary founder of Cyrus’s clan.

    The Battle of Salamis


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