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  • adj. Almost mythical; having certain qualities of a myth or legend.


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semi- +‎ mythical


  • In the Cuban cigar industry, this refers to a pair of small leaves at the very top of the tobacco plant — and not just any tobacco plant, but a talismanic, semimythical variety that in the past was used only occasionally.

    Updating the Cohiba

  • River dolphins are also given semimythical status along the Amazon and Mekong.

    When a Billion Chinese Jump

  • The bartenders called them flossies after a semimythical dental supplies saleswoman who was reputed to have serviced a series of men in the parking lot over the course of a single evening.

    The Lovers

  • They include David Kilcullen, a "sandy-haired, apple-cheeked" former Australian army officer with a "Crocodile Dundee accent" who enjoyed "semimythical status" as the man Petraeus had asked to be his counterinsurgency adviser.

    Is It a Great Victory?

  • Among Israeli gourmands, "the Golan Heights has an importance that's almost semimythical," says Squires.

    Grapes on the Golan

  • Like many writers of fiction or nonfiction, Naipaul has created himself as a character, a semimythical figure expressive of deeper concerns than the desire to shock.

    The Lessons of the Master

  • The Polish kingdom emerged in the 10th century, the result of the unification of some six tribes under the Polani, who were ruled by the members of the semimythical family of Piast.

    c. Poland

  • The guard, who had first heard of Kirk at the Academy as of a semimythical figure, whose name was invoked admiringly by teachers and cadets alike, tried to conceal his nervousness as he replied.

    The Cry of the Onlies

  • They looked like any of the pictures he had seen of the semimythical "wee folk" of magical forests, more on the order of gnomes or leprechauns than fairies.

    Villains by Necessity

  • Of all the mythical and semimythical things on it, which one is real!

    Children Of The Night


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