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  • adj. Almost naked, but still partially clothed


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

semi- +‎ naked


  • Sometimes these seminaked goons come way too close.

    Hey, Buddy, Keep Your Shirt On!

  • There is something unsettling about the way these dingdongs eyeball you, as if they expect you to be impressed and say, Gee, I wish I was a gimpy 53-year-old slob with a beer belly hanging out, jogging seminaked through the streets at sunset.

    Hey, Buddy, Keep Your Shirt On!

  • Not once did his eyes leave hers, not even for a flickering moment of voyeuristic curiosity about what her seminaked body looked like.

    Gideon’s war

  • It would make a nice counterpoint to the seminaked and completely drunken photos Emily could release if she decided to.


  • He'd taken up a sentry post in the chair near the window, where he took periodic peeks through the blinds and was doing his damnedest not to think about a clean-smelling, seminaked Barrie Travis only a few yards away.

    A Girl's Legs Stirring The Air

  • "I was seminaked on TV with a sex symbol, trying to count how many Jewish leading men had done that on prime time," he says.


  • I reeled back from the desk at the sight of two flushed, seminaked girls grappling with Nicky and his awful shouty friend Chunder.

    The Little Lady Agency and the Prince

  • Other exhibits include poems by Mr. Van Gogh, the murdered filmmaker, and abstract paintings of seminaked women that were banished from a town hall in central Holland after complaints from Christians and Muslims.

    Why Islam Is Unfunny for a Cartoonist

  • Lynton Hemsley, inspired by an eighteenth-century painting, depicted them as characters from classical mythology, portraying David as the god Jupiter and Victoria as his seminaked, adoring wife.

    Posh & Becks

  • She'd already awakened in a morgue once before (when Tommy had frozen her), and finding a rotund necrophiliac morgue attendant rubbing his hands and other bits over her seminaked body while she thawed had soured her to the whole morgue experience.

    You Suck


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