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  • adj. Partly nomadic.


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semi- +‎ nomadic


  • Their region was formally Ugandan but never fully under Ugandan control, and as a seminomadic people, many Karamojong saw themselves as unincorporated.

    The Gun

  • The area was already home to small seminomadic groups of farmers who built their mud homes, surrounded them with tall walls, added rooms as the families grew and prospered, then abandoned their settlements when the land grew tired or water grew scarce.


  • For the most part the seminomadic farmers ignored one another until circumstance pressed one group against another, triggering a pattern of war and assimilation as old as time.


  • Small seminomadic microbands remind us of our own proto-evolutionary state.

    20 years visiting the Huichols

  • There are about 26,000 Yanomami in the Amazon rain forest, in Venezuela and Brazil, where they subsist as seminomadic hunters and cultivators of crops like manioc and bananas.

    Archive 2008-10-01

  • Formerly a seminomadic people, the Innu lifestyle is now sedentary, and obesity is rife.


  • Kurgan culture, seminomadic pastoralist culture that spread from the Russian steppes to Danubian Europe about 3500 BC.

    The Kurgan Hypothesis is... hypothetical

  • New Catholic Encyclopedia: Stephen was aware that his seminomadic people could survive only if they embraced Christianity.

    The Annotated "St. Stephen"

  • The Incas of Peru, the Mayas and Aztecs of Mexico, the cliff dwellers of the American Southwest, Mississippi mound builders, and many seminomadic cultures in North and South America depended on corn as a dietary staple.

    On Food and Cooking, The Science and Lore of the Kitchen

  • San lived in small nomadic bands while Khoi lived in larger, seminomadic, and differentiated groups.

    2. South of the Limpopo


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