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  • n. The state of being seminude, or scantily dressed.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

semi- +‎ nudity


  • In fact, if that ad promises luscious seminudity or novel ways to crack wise, we tune in eagerly.

    Pitch Man

  • Restrict seminudity to stage areas at least six feet away from patrons.

    Showdown Over Strippers

  • The rest of their demeanor is straight as if they neither notice nor acknowledge their seminudity, robbing the context of any sensuality . . . which in itself would make an interesting point towards the nature of sexuality but that is not their point as they seem to think nudity alone is enough for erotic response and it's not.

    Life of Brian:

  • Despite her seminudity she gazed back at him openly, frankly.

    Impossible Places

  • His broad chest and shoulders acted as a shield to conceal her seminudity in case anyone had come close enough to see them.

    Separate Cabins

  • Indeed, I would rather have enjoyed, from time to time, looking down approvingly on the helplessness and seminudity of my nearby, neck-roped chattel.

    Mercenaries Of Gor

  • Toward the end, the 59-year-old actor appears with his head shaved, stripped down to seminudity and howling.

    ABC News: Top Stories

  • This collection of racy 1930s Hollywood movies -- made before the Hays Code censored all the seminudity and sexual innuendo from the silver screen for the next three decades -- includes the legendarily bisexual Tallulah Bankhead as a compulsive gambler in Daily News

  • There's a suicide victim hanging, a murder victim in a body bag, seminudity, pot smoking, drinking, profanity and sexual language; an intense, but not too graphic assassination re-enactment; mature high-schoolers.

    Ottaway Online Editors

  • Ronaldo wastes no time peeling down to a state of sculpted seminudity, then moves in the direction of photographers without looking like he's moving in the direction of photographers.

    Soccer Blogs - latest posts


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