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  • n. Any form of activity, conduct, or process that involves signs, including the production of meaning.


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Coined by Charles Sanders Peirce to describe a process that interprets signs as referring to their objects, as described in his theory of sign relations, or semiotics.


  • (¦) Since most, if not all, signs have as their interpreters living organisms, it is a sufficiently accurate characterization of pragmatics to say that it deals with the biotic aspects of semiosis, that is, with all the psychological, biological, and sociological phenomena which occur in the functioning of signs.


  • But are the mimesis of the domestic and the semiosis of the strange really incompatible?

    What is Literary Fiction?

  • Yet the imaginary phonotext — pulling the symbolic field part of the way back toward the real, and thereby obtruding the fact of sound back into the circulations of sema — eludes Dolar's post-Derridean model, with its arrest of all embodied vocality by an abstracting semiosis.

    Phonemanography: Romantic to Victorian

  • Again, we might well relate this to BUFFET FROID where the narrative offers semiosis rather than mimesis -- the symbols of characters, places and actions working through relationships to each other that are ultimately divorced from the objective reality we would expect them to be related to, gaining their meanings not from referential connections with real-world objects but from their interactions with each other.

    Notes on Strange Fiction: Postmodern(ism)

  • Note that the magic of Bester's jaunting is associated with the Promethean fire of PyrE, an enervated and explosive substance triggered by thought (i.e. magic), a blatant concretion of the metaphor of semiosis-as-power. posted by Hal Duncan | 4: 18 PM

    Notes on Strange Fiction: Magic

  • In addition, Bonaventure posits two higher types of semiosis pertinent solely to rational creatures, which are “images”


  • Is there a semiosis we can somehow employ to understand the role of this bleached, poodle-y, split-ended phenomenon of the arena rock days of yore?

    2008 January 17 « Whatever

  • Our hermeneutics should begin from the general phenomena of semiosis, of meaning-making.

    AKMA’s Random Thoughts

  • Once we have learned what we can say about meaning and interpretation in non-verbal domains, we can take on the special case of verbal communication with less risk that this outlying example of semiosis provides the key for all interpretive discourses.

    AKMA’s Random Thoughts

  • In each of these books, de Lauretis draws on the pragmatist semiosis of Peirce to explore the dynamic juncture between “inner” and “outer” worlds, private and public fantasies, and individual experience and social meaning, especially as they construct sexual subjects.

    Intersections Between Pragmatist and Continental Feminism


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