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  • n. Plural form of semiotician.


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  • "I'm finding it hard to introduce myself, actually, because the whole idea of social introductions is so problematized," says one of the hipster semioticians.

    Sense & Semiotics

  • Because of course, while fake documentaries are largely scripted, staged, and performed, as is true for all of contemporary "reality" programming, there is also, always, a tiny bit or residue or trace of the actual person, place, or conversation what semioticians call the indexical also caught in every single faked frame.

    Alexandra Juhasz: Casey Affleck's Biggest Reveal: Fake Doc, Joaquin's Tummy or Tranny Prostitutes?

  • The subtext of bumper stickers is best left to social psychologists and cultural semioticians, but what is bracketed out of their meaning is frequently as important as what appears on them.

    White House And Pentagon: Change, Continuity And Escalation

  • If I ever write such a paper, it will use the masterly work of Owen Barfield (summarized for laymen in Poetic Diction) as a springboard, and some aspects of information theory as engines, and I have a shrewd idea that the particular subject I have in mind contains enough thermonuclear explosive to blow half the ideas of the semioticians to kingdom come.

    To do

  • English majors and media semioticians must be cursing all the opportunities for expert witness consulting fees this decision has cost them.

    Say the Right Things When Electioneering

  • At first I thought semioticians might be angry that Brown apparently had never heard of their field, but maybe they're happy to not be associated with him.

    Announcing the birth of a new feature and the death of Jenn's self respect.

  • But I imagine semioticians would much rather not be associated with Robert Langdon.

    Announcing the birth of a new feature and the death of Jenn's self respect.

  • Sociologists, anthropologists and semioticians have absorbed more than the advisable limit of cathode rays trying to parse the lexicon of popular television in Brazil.

    Scorching The Screen

  • Whereas his fellow semioticians Roland Barthes, Julia Kristeva and Jacques Lacan were wilfully elitist and obscure, Eco gave his field an approachable face with raffish newspaper think-pieces and jargon-free monographs on topics ranging from medieval aesthetics to the mass media.

    Interview with Umberto Eco

  • When I wrote on an earlier post that campaign managers ought to hire anthropologists and semioticians in order to deconstruct their social networking constituencies, I was not being academic.

    How to Value a MySpace Mega-Group


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