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  • adj. Somewhat popular; verging towards the popular.


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semi- +‎ popular


  • I think she was the sole reason I was even semipopular.

    The Human Bobby

  • So I installed WordPress and, attempting to find a template that resembled the old design as much as possible, selected a semipopular one called Andreas.

    The New :

  • In 1935, he studied German game and forest management under a Carl Schurz Travelling Fellowship, publishing his comparisons and conclusions chiefly during the next year: the two-part paper “Deer and Dauerwald in Germany,” Journal of Forestry, 34: 366-375, 460-466, and semipopular articles in Bird-Lore and American Wildlife.

    Tributes to Aldo Leopold

  • An implicit and almost universal assumption of discussions published in professional and semipopular scientific journals is that the problem under discussion has a technical solution.

    Tragedy of the Commons (historical)

  • In 2008, when George W. Bush will be a semipopular president leaving office for good, the next Democratic candidate will face a new challenge and a new opponent, but will still need a broad, compelling critique of Republican ideas and practices.

    April 2005

  • So far as the popular culture goes - even the semipopular culture of history buffs - the Tudor Saga runs from 1509 to 1603.

    Nefertiti, by Michelle Moran. Book review

  • I remarked to a friend not long ago that there is no semipopular book about Henry VII.

    Minor characters' perspectives

  • I can barely remember anything else on the album Lita it came from: I know she had one song called “Back to the Cave” and another called “Blueberry,” plus a semipopular duet with Ozzy Osbourne that seemed to openly promote suicide pacts.

    Fargo Rock City

  • [Ch. 2] Popular to semipopular review of current knowledge on vitamin A deficiency, its assesment, distribution, treatment and control.

    14. Saving seeds for planting

  • In some cases the conclusions along with the growing wave of semipopular extrapolations and speculations concerning "leftbrain" vs. "right-brain" functions call for a word of caution.

    Roger W. Sperry - Nobel Lecture


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