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  • n. A natural number that is the product of two prime numbers.


semi- +‎ prime (Wiktionary)


  • The last chapters of this volume provide the theory of semiprime Noetherian semiperfect and semidistributive rings.

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  • A133850 Number of partitions of n into two primes and a semiprime. at AT&T Research Labs’ Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences.

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  • What was the number? a1: It is the difference between two squares a2: It is not the sum of two cubes b1: It is an even number b2: It does not have exactly two prime factors (it is semiprime; ie, of the form a*b where a and b are both prime) c1: It is the sum of two squares c2: It is both a square and a cube d1: It has exactly three prime factors d2: It is prime e1: It is the sum of a square and a cube e2: It is the sum of three squares



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