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  • adj. Working only on a part-time basis, as for reasons of ill health or advanced age.

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  • adj. Partially retired, someone who instead of retiring now works part time.
  • adj. Partially retired, someone who formerly worked full time, and who may or may not be working part time, who is not yet receiving pension benefits nor drawing down their retirement savings.


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  • Crass Act Columnist Robert Novak retired recently after being diagnosed with a brain tumor, but on the advice of his doctor, he has changed his status to semiretired, which is to say that he will be writing occasional columns.

    South Side Veterans for Truth

  • Gant, a "semiretired" businessman, said he has been offered campaign contributions but has always refused them.

    New Orleans Saints Central

  • Self-described "semiretired," reclusive singer / songwriter J.J. Cale's songs have been covered by artists ranging from Johnny Cash to Captain Beefheart.


  • As an example of how long it can take for a case to run its course, Scott Silver , a lawyer in Coral Springs, Fla., recalls a case on behalf of a semiretired construction worker that was appealed for nearly four years.

    (Non)Binding Arbitration

  • Eugene “the Animal” Ciasullo, now in his sixties and semiretired, is perhaps the most successful of modern-day Cleveland Cosa Nostra figures.

    Kill the Irishman

  • Linda Walker is semiretired but continues to work for the Child Protection Project and work part-time as a researcher for lawyers all over the country.

    The Sins of Brother Curtis

  • When a semiretired couple in Hong Kong bought a second home, the pair wanted the place to feel like a holiday.

    Channeling Bali

  • Ms. Patterson, now semiretired from the banking industry, has a daughter entering high school next year, and she wants to be prepared to move closer to a new school.

    Keeping Up Traditions

  • "I always tell people now that I'm a semiretired gentleman of leisure, and occasionally I'll go do some work to break the boredom up."

    Eddie Murphy in Rolling Stone: No More Kid Films, A Beverly Hills Cop TV Show?

  • The 76-year-old monk, who fled to India after a failed uprising against Chinese Communist rule in 1959, has for several years declared himself unofficially "semiretired" from political leadership, while retaining his more significant role as the Himalayan region's spiritual leader.

    Dalai Lama to Hand Over Political Leader Role


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