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  • noun mathematics Either of two regions of a space


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  • This so-called semispace, which was not mathematically comprehensible, had been discovered by the Druufs.

    Planet Mechanica

  • In spite of our hurtling flight through semispace we were able to view the sector of the void which lay in the line of our course.

    Planet Mechanica

  • But when the Ironduke emerged from the zone of semispace it was soon determined that the co'rdinates given by the biologist had not been very exact.

    Spoor of the Antis

  • While the Ironduke continued to hurtle through semispace toward its goal, its 3-D sensor optics had not only picked up a spaceship ahead but had also brought out its form and contours on the special viewer.

    The Man with Two Faces

  • But these side-effects of space flight could be overcome by linear-drive ships, The Ironduke could make a close approach to a planet within the semispace zone and be free of any such consequences.

    Spoor of the Antis

  • The spherical spacer was about to leap through semispace to the indicated emergence sector so that the two Terran officers could be picked up.

    Caller from Eternity

  • Claudrin had come out of linear drive because he didn't want the Ironduke to race past the alien ship while in semispace.

    The Man with Two Faces

  • Only thus was it possible to move in the semispace zone between the 4th and 5th dimensional universes, where velocities of millions of times the speed of light could he attained and a special 3D optical sensor never lost sight of the target star while en route.

    The Man with Two Faces

  • Before its course could be determined and an effective pursuit initiated, the mysterious spaceship surpassed the speed of light and slipped into semispace, rendering it invisible to the Terran observers.

    Phantom Fleet

  • Since the 3-D beam expanded with distance and produced a spreading effect that was enhanced by the ship's isolation field, it was possible to make observations from semispace and look into the 4-D continuum that lay directly ahead in the straight line of flight.

    The Man with Two Faces


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