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  • n. Plural form of semitone.


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  • Instead, their treacherously clustered semitones and contrapuntal subtleties became otherworldly and transcendent.

    In performance: Yale Glee Club 150th

  • Smith is talking about something else we now take completely for granted (it's in the way pianos are tuned, and the way we hear most music today): the division of the octave into 12 equal semitones.

    Why are minor keys in music sad?

  • But the harmony in this system of 12 semitones is extremely coarse and disagreeable.

    Why are minor keys in music sad?

  • The octave being always divided into five tones and two limmas [diatonic semitones]; by increasing the tones equally … the difference between the major and minor limma will be contracted to nothing, which … annihilates all the false consonances.

    Why are minor keys in music sad?

  • Well, simply because Carrillo had 'discovered' the first pitch outside the traditional 12 semitones to the octave.

    Did you know? Mexico's Nobel Prize nominee and music revolutionary

  • It gives an interval of 11/10 [= (2 (2/12) - 35 cents) = 1.65 semitones] between G+ 111 [= 5.51 semitones] and F# 51 [= 3.86 semitones].

    Archive 2006-10-01

  • The hallmarks of their style were atonality and a twelve-tone method of composition; that is, a style in which a piece's melodies and harmonies are all drawn from a particular arrangement of twelve semitones or half-steps on the modern scale.

    From the archives: Banishing silence

  • He played some MP3s at 33.33% too fast, which transposes it up 4 semitones, he said.

    weekend fun

  • Their strings, from the recent long exposure to the night air, rose whole semitones, and snapped with a loud twang at the most silent moment; which necessitated more retiring than ever to the back of the gallery, and made the gallery throats quite husky with the quantity of coughing and hemming required for tuning in.

    Under the Greenwood Tree

  • The drums of the Little People were of many shapes and sizes, in range covering all of ten octaves, and producing not only the semitones of our own familiar scale, but quarter and eighth-tones and even finer gradations that oddly affect the listener — at least, they did me.

    Dwellers in the Mirage


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