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  • adjective Comprising both a fixed cost and a variable cost.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

semi- +‎ variable


  • If the workforce cannot be immediately adjusted in size in response to a falloff or increase in demand, or if adjustments can only be made through attrition, direct labor costs may be “semivariable”—they vary, but not proportionately.

    Managing with Dual Strategies

  • Time obviously plays an important role in classifying costs as variable, semivariable or fixed; a cost that may be fixed for one decision where the time horizon of adjustment is short may be semivariable or even completely variable for a decision where the adjustment time horizon is long.

    Managing with Dual Strategies

  • Semivariable Costs Fixed Monthly Utility Charge Variable Cost per KW Activity (Kilowatt Hours) Total Utility Cost Total semivariable cost Y = a + bX X Y

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