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  • n. A function of the spatial dependence of semivariance; a graph of this function


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  • The paper shows how use of a structural-based approach improved capabilities for mapping and monitoring peatland condition with an improvement in accuracy from 71. 8% (without structural estimates) to 88. 0% when airborne LiDAR data (which had been spatially preprocessed using a technique called semivariogram analysis) were used. - latest science and technology news stories

  • Before I had this thing running, the measure of autocorrelation I was using in my accent model was to crank out a semivariogram for all the point pairs, add up the average value-distance for all the pairs on the “near” half of the variogram, add up the average for the “far” half, and compare the ratio of the “near” and “far” averages. » Blog Archive » Moran’s I in Netlogo

  • The sampling variogram, unlike the semivariogram and the variogram, shows where a significant degree of spatial dependence in the sample space or sampling unit dissipates into randomness when the variance terms of a temporally or in-situ ordered set are plotted against the variance of the set and the lower limits of its 99% and 95% confidence ranges.

    More ISO-2000 Weather Stations from Jones and Hansen « Climate Audit

  • Quote: Three functions are used in geostatistics for describing the spatial or the temporal correlation of observations: these are the correlogram, the covariance and the semivariogram.

    More ISO-2000 Weather Stations from Jones and Hansen « Climate Audit

  • A statistical technique, semivariogram analysis, is used to isolate the variance resulting from the observational error from that resulting from the spatial variability in a dataset of the differences of paired SST reports.

    Bill Gray and the Atlantic Meridional Mode « Climate Audit

  • · Gridding (spatial interpolation): Moving average, thin-plate spline and kriging with three semivariogram models.

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  • Then, look up the semivariogram plot in Gavin's paper.


  • The semivariogram is directly related to the autocorrelation function (in fact it's that turned upside down) and computable from it.


  • Correction to #255: Gavin's semivariogram is for the full data, not the residuals (IIUC).



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