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  • n. An Ancient Egyptian board game, probably played as a strategy game similar to chess or go.

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  • n. See sennet.


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Egyptian snt (hieroglyphs:


  • Chess was actually unknown to the Egyptians but they did play a similar sort of game they called senet, or 'hounds and jackals'.

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  • The white handkerchiefs, the 'senet' (perfumery), the umbrella, and perhaps the hat, are kept.

    Following the Equator

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  • Piccione does a spectacular job on the linen folding ceremony in senet and senet cross references the Egyptian 30 day calendar - not to mention the way they regulated EVERYTHING according to the stars.

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  • Aside from the Indian "devi" we already know Hathor's menat necklace, menat offerings and the expository ritual framework of senet are conjoined in a way that suggest "chess".

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  • This board, however, is NOT showing senet - it's showing the twenty-squares game!

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  • More than one senet board was recovered from Tut's tomb - I believe at least 4 boards were found in the tomb.

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  • But Kentucky committed 26 fouls and senet Alabama to the line 34 times, compared to 11 attempts for the Wildcats.

    NCAA Men's Basketball - Kentucky vs. Alabama

  • But other forms are found -- Synnet, Signet, Signate, which may be proper derivatives of _signum_, and thus make this trumpet call 'a signal, 'instead of 'a sounding'; or (which is as likely) may be corruptions, perhaps of the somewhat featureless form 'Synnet,' caused by a misunderstanding of the original misspelling 'senet.'

    Shakespeare and Music With Illustrations from the Music of the 16th and 17th centuries

  • V., the word is spelt _senet_, but in later ones, _Sonet_, as if the former were a misprint.

    Shakespeare and Music With Illustrations from the Music of the 16th and 17th centuries


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