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  • n. Plural form of sengi.


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  • They are now called sengis to avoid confusion with true shrews.

    A Year on the Wing

  • Elephant-shrews (also called sengis, order Macroscelidea) are small-bodied insectivorous mammals with a strictly African distribution.

    Archive 2008-11-01

  • Archonta was first named by William King Gregory in 1910* to house Scandentia (tree shrews), Chiroptera, Dermoptera and Primates (Gregory also included sengis/elephant shrews within Archonta, but they were later removed from it as their affinities clearly lie elsewhere).

    We flightless primates

  • Find out how the scene was filmed and how sengis outwit lizards.

    Discovery Channel :: Top Highlights

  • Chinese black rhinos and deinotheres, giant sengis, and yet more new lemurs

    ScienceBlogs Channel : Life Science

  • The newly captured animal is a type of giant sengi, which have patterned coats and other distinct features from the smaller sengis.

    The Conservation Report

  • Two of the Zoo's black and rufous giant elephant-shrews, or sengis, had a little baby elephant-shrew several weeks ago, but zookeepers in the Small Mammal House only announced they discovered the animal late Friday.



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