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  • Indeed this is exactly the case according to so-called sense-datum theories, or more broadly, indirect realism.


  • Nevertheless, it is plausible to argue that the most important strength of sense-datum theories of pain is also one of their main weaknesses, in that their function seems to merely codify the conceptual peculiarities of pain into a theory rather than explain them.


  • Direct realists reject the act-object analysis of perceptual experiences advanced by sense-datum theorists and other indirect realists.


  • According to many sense-datum theorists, pains are paradigm examples of phenomenal individuals, mental objects with phenomenal qualities whose existence depends on their being sensed or felt, and thus are logically private to their owners who feel them.


  • At the time, the dominant view was that pains and other intransitive bodily sensations are not perceptual at all: they were conceived to be sensations or experiences (à la sense-datum theories) that are reliably caused by (actual or impending) injury or damage to body tissue or internal organs.


  • So on sense-datum theories, one perceives external objects and their qualities indirectly by directly perceiving (being aware of, or acquainted with) sense-data internal to one's consciousness that resemble in various degrees the physical objects that cause them.


  • His target is a purely sense-datum experience, which does not feature objects, “conceived of as distinct from any particular states of awareness of them,” that is, a Berkeleyan experience of spatial objects whose esse is percipi (1966: 98).

    Kant's Transcendental Arguments

  • Can he demonstrate that the two are guilty of hardline verificationism and speak only in terms of sense-datum and logical operators?

    Hello to Lionel R Milgrom

  • There are also powerful arguments against sense-datum theories.


  • Apart from their strange consequences, sense-datum theories seem to commit their defenders to anti-physicalism.



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