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  • adv. In a sensical way; reasonably, sanely.


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  • But when I see an idiot like Paul use it so fantastically incorrectly and non-sensically — and then crow about how supposedly stupid I am for pointing out the correct version — I have to say something.

    Matthew Yglesias » For Democrats, Even a 2010 Win Will Feel Like a Loss

  • As many of you know, we discuss love relationships, psychically and common-sensically, on the famous Radio From Hell show every Friday morning (KXRK 96.3 FM - www.

    Margaret Ruth: The Single Best Working Assumption for Drama-Free Relationships

  • On the other hand the basic science is pretty simple and I would find it common sensically suprising if the changes of the 20th century had no effect.

    In Praise of Nimby`s

  • The free trader arguments are reversed and applied common-sensically – if the rich countries believe in free trade so much, why not let the developing countries decide if they want to restrict foreign investment or not rather than impose non-restrictive regulations through trade agreements?

    Book Review - Bad Samaritans - Ha-Joon chang

  • But I also believe that we can common-sensically approach this.

    Notable & Quotable

  • Small businesses in particular suffer from the vast amount of legislation that non-sensically impacts on small businesses, a fact that is well known to the Federation of Smalll Businesses FSB.

    Archive 2007-02-01

  • What proponents of sense data (or adverbial contents) will say, however, is that these points fail to show that the perceptual awareness of material objects is direct or immediate in the sense discussed earlier: no tendency to show that material objects (as common-sensically understood) are literally contained within or features of experience.

    Epistemological Problems of Perception

  • Boston Phoenix media critic Dan Kennedy an occasional UU World contributor takes a look at the Terri Schiavo case and common-sensically concludes that Michael Schiavo is telling the truth about his wife's wishes but also that video clips of her are "absolutely convincing that she is semi-aware, semi-responsive, and able to understand people in some dim way."

    Philocrites: When everyone's on the jury.

  • Turned off the Sirius long enough to listen to common-sensically challenged Americans who think the proper action to take during a severe thunderstorm is to stand outside with a camera ready to PHOTOGRAPH FUNNEL CLOUDS.

    home home home

  • Although it feels a little uneasy to talk about syntactic properties of thoughts common-sensically understood, it seems that they are forced upon us by the very attempt to understand their semantic properties: how, for instance, could we explain the semantic content of the thought that if John is at the beach then he is happy without somehow appealing to its being a conditional?

    The Language of Thought Hypothesis


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