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  • n. Plural form of sensitive.


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  • You come walking in here, as if you had a right, wanting what you call our sensitives

    A Heritage of Stars

  • They drove south through a white space on the map, headed for the entrance to the refuge, and he recalled something Eric Deming had told him about this part of Arizona, a rumor, a sort of twilight zone story about people known as sensitives, men and women who were psychically gifted—telepathists, clairvoyants, metal-benders.


  • All of us, I remember, except Sperry and Mrs. Dane, were skeptical as to the supernatural, and Herbert Robinson believed that while there were so-called sensitives who actually went into trance, the controls which took possession of them were buried personalities of their own, released during trance from the sub-conscious mind.

    Sight Unseen

  • There is a class of accelerators called sensitives, claiming to work in from three to ten seconds, which, however, will be found very little, if any, more sensitive than this.

    American Hand Book of the Daguerreotype

  • "You forget, " said Ezra, 'that neither Elayne nor I are the kind of sensitives you need.

    A Heritage of Stars

  • It seems beyond dispute that certain individuals can read minds, and that these same, or other so-called "sensitives," are capable of liberating a form of invisible energy which, however, they turn to no further account than the useless ringing of bells, moving of small tables, and flinging about of divers objects.

    Sight Unseen

  • People with schizophrenia, bi-polar, etc. are what i would call "sensitives" or "psychics" they absorb more information than the average person is able to.

  • A colleague who I queried on this matter noted that this study published in March of 60 people who claimed electromagnetic sensitivity and 60 control subject who did not found no ability on the part of "sensitives" to determine whether a signal was present.

    Wi-Fi Networking News

  • The British Medical Journal looked into whether EM "sensitives" could detect mobile phone signals:

    Wi-Fi Networking News

  • "If I were a physician, I should like to watch the operation of the minds of 'sensitives' as a pathological study.

    The Complete Project Gutenberg Writings of Charles Dudley Warner


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