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  • adj. Without the use of sensors.


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sensor +‎ -less


  • I am prsnly involved in the development of an active mag bearing system and the 'sensorless' approach has never been looked at twice.

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  • News, a leading provider of microcontroller, analog and Flash-IP solutions, today expanded its sinusoidal, sensorless, 3-phase BLDC MTD6505-the industry's first and only standalone, resistor-programmable driver that enables the selection of multiple back-EMF coefficient ranges.

  • Being a sensorless driver means that the MTD6505 eliminates the need for an external Hall-Effect sensor, reducing both cost and board space.

  • Texas Instruments has announced two new Piccolo Motor Control Kits that enable PFC and sensorless field-oriented control of up to two motors with a single low-cost microcontroller (MCU).

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  • In 2010, Infineon introduced the XC82x and XC83x families, adding 16 -, 20 -, and 24-pin package devices to its XC800 family, which uses a vector-computer coprocessor to enable low-cost, sensorless field-oriented control for less than $1 (1000) using an 8-bit device.

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  • Technical University of Vienna, researchers from the Corporate Technology division of Siemens demonstrated the basis for a future sensorless magnetic bearing that uses active electromagnets to suspend and keep in place a rotating shaft.

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  • It's "old" for someone this "sensorless" magnetic suspension, but they take the idea for new project, may be some troubles with the magnetic fields in big electric generators

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  • Digital signal controllers make it possible to meet torque and speed demands in sensorless applications.

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  • The controlSUITE software included with the kit provides step-by-step documentation for closed loop PFC software and detailed examples and labs on controlling brushless DC (trapezoidal and sinusoidal drive), AC Induction or permanent magnet synchronous motors (Field Oriented Control) in both sensored and sensorless configurations.


  • The PCNC 770 combines cast-iron construction, P4-grade ballscrews and sensorless vector drive spindle technology to create a simple and robust platform with options for user-installed upgrades.

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