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  • n. Plural form of sentimentalism.


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  • Part of the syndrome of being a child of one's age is a lack of the historical imagination to recognize oneself in a different setting, endowed with a different array of sentimentalisms.

    Archive 2006-11-01

  • It is the first part of the doing away with rococo sentimentalisms, mediæval tatters, and all wretched and ragged remainders and reminders of states of society which have nothing in common with our present needs.

    The Continental Monthly , Vol. 2 No. 5, November 1862 Devoted to Literature and National Policy

  • This is no time for sentimentalisms about the empty chair at the national hearth; all the chairs would be empty soon enough, if one of the children is to amuse itself with setting the house on fire, whenever it can find a match.

    The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 07, No. 40, February, 1861

  • But all the talk of the lonely soul, of the eternal isolation of the spirit, in which man was doomed to live, all the tinsel sentimentalisms of which the talk of the bilingual poetess had mainly consisted, afforded perhaps as poor a pabulum as he could anywhere have found.

    Despair's Last Journey

  • If he can be educated to think clearly, concisely, and logically, freed of his habit of taking refuge in platitudes and prejudices and sentimentalisms, then I'm a militant Socialist.

    Book 2, Chapter 5. The Egotist Becomes a Personage.

  • The talk turns on a certain popular play dealing with naval life, and a Commander describes how the manuscript of it had been brought to him, and how he had revelled in the cutting out of all the sentimentalisms.

    England's Effort: Letters to an American Friend

  • In judging her work the student should keep in mind (1) that she wrote at a time when, unlike the present, the best authors thought it beneath their dignity to write for children, (2) that the too repressive and dogmatic attitude towards children which one now and then feels in her stories was due to a conscious effort to offset the undisciplined enthusiasms and sentimentalisms of her day, and

    Children's Literature A Textbook of Sources for Teachers and Teacher-Training Classes

  • The last mysterious sentence is one of many scattered through, the Diary, which, aided by dashes and omission-marks by the editorial son, point to certain sentimentalisms in which Crabbe was still indulging, even in the vortex of fashionable gaieties.


  • But Jacob again cut short the sentimentalisms, the little touching phrases in which the woman delighted.

    Lady Rose's Daughter

  • Radowitz; his Tory habits of thought, his British contempt for vague sentimentalisms and heroics, for all that _panache_ means to the

    Lady Connie


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