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  • n. One that separates, as a device for separating cream from milk.

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  • n. An object located between two or more things and hence separates them.
  • n. A device for removing one substance from another, such as cream from milk.
  • n. An agent performing the action of separating.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. A device for depriving steam of particles of water mixed with it.
  • n. An apparatus for sorting pulverized ores into grades, or separating them from gangue.
  • n. An instrument used for spreading apart the threads of the warp in the loom, etc.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. One who separates.
  • n. Any implement, machine, or contrivance used for separating one thing from another: as, cream-separators; grain- separators; magnetic separators (for separating valuable ores from the rock or sand by means of powerful magnets); etc.
  • n.
  • n. A device for separating water from steam: usually a vessel, placed in the steam-line, having deflectors so arranged as to throw the water against metallic surfaces to which it will cling.
  • n. An insulating grid or plate of glass, vulcanite or other nonconducting material placed between the plates of a storage cell.
  • n. A piece of metal placed between two adjacent beams to hold them at a fixed distance apart.
  • n. A device on a ring-spinning machine designed to prevent interference between the yarns of adjacent spindles. Also called antiballooner.
  • n. An instrument for separating the membranes from the brain in a postmortem examination.
  • n. An instrument for widening the jaw and effecting separation of the crowded teeth.
  • n. An appliance for obtaining the urine secreted by one kidney unmixed with that from the other kidney.
  • n. A device used in a type-setting machine to permit only one character to pass through at a time.
  • n. In electricity, a device by means of which a single line may be used simultaneously for telephony and telegraphic signaling or for two distinct sets of telegraphic signals.
  • n. A separator, invented by Venstrom, in which the powdered ore is carried by a traveling belt toward a partly magnetized cylinder, which attracts the magnetic ore, carrying it into a chute leading to the ore-bin, while the non-magnetic ore is carried by the belt to the waste chute.

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  • n. an apparatus that uses centrifugal force to separate particles from a suspension


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

separate +‎ -or


  • Put in separator support in the bookmarks manager and I, like many others, will switch from Firefox.

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  • It is also obtained by an apparatus called a separator; this is known as "centrifugal cream," most of the cream now sold in cities being of this kind.

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  • A parenthesis, like many other characters, is deciphered as a word separator so, if you are near the right edge, the app may cut the text because the 'word' which is just after is too long to fit at the end of the line.

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  • This may also prevent from sharing the URL in some social bookmarking services. it isn't seen by search engines as a word separator (this is slowly changing now) 4.

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  • Excluding the impact of foreign currency translation, gross profit decreased by $15.7 million due to lower overall unit sales combined with a one time charge of $2.8 million to resolve a contract dispute related to a now-expired long-term separator supply agreement, partially offset by improved manufacturing efficiencies.

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  • We'll use the following naming conventions in our database: everything lowercase, pluralized table names, and underscore as the word separator in column names.

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  • # Hyphens are the preferred word separator, although underscores are gaining acceptance over times past .

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  • # Hyphens are the preferred word separator, although underscores are gaining acceptance over times past.

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  • There is nothing confidential about the rear wing separator, which is immediately visible on the exterior of the car.

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  • The actual length between the flange brackets designed to hold the separator was a tenth of a span smaller than the measurements on the parchment sheet.

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