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  • n. Plural form of sepia.


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  • The tones of the interior art are muted to sepias, their lines blurred, all to recall photographs from a century ago.

    Archive 2008-02-01

  • He went on to do Night Trippers, but I think his murky sepias are much, much better suited to this Victorian melodrama than to Swinging London psychedelia.

    Archive 2009-02-22

  • Do the western part in sepias, and then switch over to a saturated technicolor palette for the outer space saga.


  • That comes through visually, to an extent I found a bit off-putting, in a look dominated by murky sepias.

    Archive 2006-07-23

  • What's the point of a Swinging London setting, if so much of your book is going to be Teddy Boys, pensioners, and Arthurian flashbacks in old-fashioned-looking sepias?

    Archive 2006-07-23

  • As soon as she got home she cleared a couple of patches in the backyard and started segregating her russets from her sepias, digging them up by the roots and transplanting them to their own corners of the yards.

    Gifts From The Lawn

  • In the sepias and calamaries or squids the eggs appear to be two, because the uterus is divided and appears double, but that of the poulps appears to be single.

    On the Generation of Animals

  • The young are produced in the same way also by the cephalopoda, e.g. sepias and the like, and by the crustacea, e.g. carabi and their kindred, for these also lay eggs in consequence of copulation, and the male has often been seen uniting with the female.

    On the Generation of Animals

  • The walls were cherrywood, and featured framed sepias of the family and their ancestors.

    White Jazz

  • The gardens themselves lay like a peasant's patchwork of umbers and sepias within the spiky enclosures of knee-high box hedges, offering an almost uninterrupted field of vision from the silvery glass of the windows.

    The Silicon Mage


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