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  • n. A corrective surgical procedure to straighten a deviated nasal septum.
  • n. A surgical procedure to harvest cartilage from the nasal septum to be used as grafting material.


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septo- + -plasty


  • Yup, Pat, that was a fine septoplasty horror story.

    Ox tail stew for the muse

  • I have to get surgery - septoplasty - but they put you out on anesthetics and it takes a week to recover, the question remains; which week would I like to ruin.

    All Hallow E'en

  • I suppose it doesn't help that your favorite basketball team lay down and died at Wake Forest; that the president of your country is an intransigent, monkey-faced, bible-thumping nimrod, and that you have septoplasty surgery to look forward to in the coming weeks.

    3/31/03 Chapel Hill, NC We

  • Last week I had a minor but necessary operation (septoplasty and bilateral turbinate reduction) to help me breath better.

    Talking Points Memo

  • I went under the knife on Wednesday and had functional endoscopic sinus surgery and a septoplasty.

    Against Heresies

  • "The use of polydioxanone plate during septal surgery facilitates external septoplasty, corrects several combined nasal deformities such as post-traumatic and iatrogenic [medically induced] irregularities and avoids postoperative saddle nose deformity, without risk to the patient."


  • Conventional septoplasty, or surgery to straighten a deviated septum, is not always possible because the surgical manipulations involved weaken the septal cartilage, according to background information in the article.


  • Ph. D., of the Academic Medical Center of the University of Amsterdam, report on the use of resorbable polydioxanone plates during septoplasty. - latest science and technology news stories

  • Is deviated nasal septum surgery septoplasty safe, what are the problems faces by patient after it? pl tell what is role of pyrazynamide (PZA) in tb treatment and what may happen if not taken at all? en Español

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  • Most people with septoplasty that fail, have sinus disease and / or allergy. Most Popular


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