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  • n. A fungus of the genus Septoria that causes numerous leaf spot diseases on crops.

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  • n. A large genus of sphæropsidaceous fungi having pyenidia produced beneath the epidermis of the host, and elongate hyaline, several-septate spores. Over 900 species have been described. They occur chiefly as parasites upon leaves, producing discolored spots. S. Rubi is a common species producing a leaf-spot disease of the blackberry.


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  • There are other common tomato diseases such as septoria leaf spot and early blight that DO overwinter on diseased plant material left in the garden. - News

  • Having received soil nitrogen tests, I am pleasantly surprised at how much residual N is left, though it does vary from field to field. septoria which is not uncommon.

    FWi - All News

  • Works wonders on any number of tomato diseases including early blight, septoria, powdery mildew, and bacterial spot.

    Garden Update: Sigh.........

  • Common diseases of sunflowers (Helianthus annuus) such as downy mildew, septoria leaf spot, rust and sclerotinia wilt are regarded as potential problems.

    Chapter 20

  • The latter will be used particularly where septoria pressure is higher or where rust is present.

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  • Like Mr Watson, he will be concentrating on yellow rust and septoria at T1.

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  • However, where septoria remains the key issue he will stick with Opus + Bravo.

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  • While this is not important for late blight control, it can help with early blight and septoria leaf spot. - News

  • GM oilseed rape varieties could be available within a decade and a modified wheat with resistance to septoria disease is also being developed, said an industry expert.

    Home | Mail Online

  • More than 20 different combinations of mutations have been found in septoria that could alter triazole performance.

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