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  • n. The tendency of a well-received work to spawn many inferior sequels.


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sequel +‎ -itis


  • Even movies: sequelitis is about the profitable sale of sameness.

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  • Iron Man 2 more or less wins its battle with "sequelitis" to provide a solid, fun follow-up.

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  • We have fun with the idea of endless sequels, or "sequelitis" as Kevin calls it in the script.


  • This panel will seek to diagnose the video game industry's purported "sequelitis" by way of discussion from thoughtful panelists, including Irrational Games 'Ken Levine; Obsidian's Chris Avellone; Harmonix's Dan Teasdale; Giant Bomb's Jeff Gerstmann; and moderator Chris Grant


  • The kind of sequelitis cancer that Wii has managed to stay fairly immune to before now.


  • Madden series - that suffers from 'sequelitis' quite as badly as the

    PSP World

  • It isn't the rampant "sequelitis" we see in video games and movies.

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  • This "sequelitis" negatively affects new games and movies that release without a previous installment.

  • Iron Man 2 more or less wins its battle with "sequelitis," managing to successfully squeeze a hodgepodge of storylines and characters into one two-hour adventure while still keeping the narrative focus sharply on Robert Downey, Jr.).

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    The Lasting Impact of Joe Shuster's Secret


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