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  • verb Third-person singular simple present indicative form of sequester.


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  • Stock and bond market experts on Sunday said Wall Street markets likely would not react in a major way on Monday, as the so-called sequesters - budget terminology for automatic spending cuts - still provide an insurance policy that the annual deficit could be curtailed. Top headlines

  • Failure to hit an annual target was supposed to automatically trigger across-the-board spending cuts known as sequesters.

    The Seattle Times

  • The idea is that the threat of such so-called sequesters would ensure lawmakers wouldn't violate pay-go.


  • If Appropriators exceed the spending targets set early in the fiscal year under the Budget Act, automatic " sequesters, " or across the board program cuts, would be imposed.

    The Kingston Brio

  • I guess I need to know how the plankton "sequesters" the CO2.

    The Speculist: The New Iron Age

  • "sequesters," more carbon than degraded natural grasslands. - latest science and technology news stories

  • Far better would be statutory limits on spending increases and debt as a share of GDP, sequesters that automatically cut spending if Congress exceeds those limits, supermajority rules for replacing those limits, and revisions of the budget baseline so that each year's budget begins at last year's spending levels, not with automatic increases.

    The Tea Party's First Victory

  • A lot of people have been calling the health care debacle a ‘Hail Mary’ pass, which is nonsensical: nobody sane expects a program that takes that much earned wealth and sequesters it away into government purdah to somehow create more wealth.

    Not precisely the Quote of the Day, William Murchison edition. | RedState

  • The caps would be enforced by automatic sequesters requiring supermajorities in Congress to override.

    The Gang of Six Play

  • According to the USDA pdf, one acre of protected land sequesters 1.66 metric tons of carbon every year, carbon that would otherwise end up in the atmosphere.

    Donald Carr: The Farm Bill Is a Climate Bill


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