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  • n. Plural form of serenity.


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  • But Ali found himself alternately embraced as a dear companion and attacked as a sycophant until, as Ghandour says, Saadiyeh succumbed in the early 1990s "to the serenities of Alzheimer's."

    Hiding in Plain Sight

  • He matched his village, and one may figure them best together as they used to be, on the sunset evening when Mrs. Skinner — you will remember her flight! — brought the Food with her all unsuspected into these rustic serenities.

    The Food of the Gods and how it came to Earth

  • In those days the bicycle was still rare and costly and the motor car had yet to come and stir up rural serenities.

    The History of Mr. Polly

  • Bombs fly, innocents die, and the six o'clock news tells us who Tom Cruise has slept with this week, and what he has to say about trivial serenities.

    Leave it to Alan Moore to get me in a mood

  • Dogs and cats sprawled around us, and a big bowl of roses spoke of serenities that are now in general eclipse.

    The New York Times Current History of the European War, Vol 1, Issue 4, January 23, 1915

  • I sometimes have thought upon the possible career of our poet if his life had been passed in the suburbs of the down-east Athens, among serenities and mutualities so auspicious to the genius and repute of that shining group lately gathered to the past.

    Modern Eloquence: Vol III, After-Dinner Speeches P-Z

  • And to be worthy of the visitations of such hallowed influences, one must guard one's mind as a temple, a place of silences and serenities, to which no vulgar things could penetrate; one excluded all the uproar of these days of undisciplined egotism -- above all things else one preserved an attitude of aloofness from that which presumed to call itself

    Love's Pilgrimage

  • Page recognized the deception, and seizing the rascal's collar with a firm editorial grip, rejected the poem, and ejected the poet, with an energy very invigorating to the ancient serenities of the office.

    The Life and Letters of Walter H Page

  • No sound of its roaring haste comes up to those serenities.

    The World Set Free

  • Betty Raleigh, looking up from a seat where she sat talking to a squat and sensual-looking man, a dweller in the high places and cool serenities of advanced mathematics whom jocular-minded Nature had misdowered with the face of a satyr, interposed the suave candor of her voice.

    Success A Novel


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