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  • n. An electronic device that converts a parallel stream of data into serial format.
  • n. A software component that serializes data.


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  • : A wrapper around the expression serializer allows serializing LINQ to SQL queries and de-serializing into a query against a given DataContext.

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  • Agilent's J-BERT N4903B 14.2 G option eases this challenge by characterizing these 16x FC transceiver modules and subcomponents, such as serializer/deserializer (SERDES), laser drivers, or receiving optical sub-assemblies (ROSAs) used in future server and storage farms, hubs and switch fabrics.

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  • Our hope is that libkml will reduce the need for everyone to re-invent the wheel with a custom parser or serializer, by providing a single re-usable library that implements KML's semantics.

    Introducing libkml: a library for reading, writing, and manipulating KML

  • One was Nick Bertozzi's The Salon, originally serialized on it's not there now, but the book is out from Griffin.

    Friday Reviews: Three Graphic Novels

  • If it connects to USB, then it had better have a pre-amp, D/A, and serializer.

    That's what I want plugged into my Mac Mini!

  • The example below will use an endpoint behavior to change the serializer used by all of the operations in the contract.

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  • The behavior which selects the serializer in WCF is the class MyNewSerializerContractBehaviorAttribute void AddBindingParametersContractDescription contractDescription, ServiceEndpoint endpoint, BindingParameterCollection ContractDescription contractDescription,

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  • Implementing a new WCF serializer is a matter of finding a mapping between XML the internal format used by WCF messages and the format you want.

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  • The behavior will do two things: validate that all types which will use the new serializer can be created i.e., they're public types with a public, parameter-less constructor, and replace a behavior in all of the contract operations.

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  • That tells the formatter use this serializer not the default.

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