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  • n. Any of several Old World finches of the genus Serinus having yellowish plumage, especially a European species (S. serinus) closely related to the canary.

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  • n. Any of various small finches in the genus Serinus, with largely yellow plumage.

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  • n. A European finch (Serinus hortulanus) closely related to the canary.

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  • n. A small fringilline bird of central and southern Europe, the finch Fringilla serinus or Scrinus hortulanus, closely related to the canary.

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  • n. any of various brown and yellow finches of parts of Europe


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

French, from Old French, perhaps from Old Provençal serena, a kind of bird, from Late Latin sīrēna, from Latin sīrēn, from Greek seirēn.


  • The serin gas attack in the Tokyo subway system, done by a looped out cult with a belief system totally discontected from any serious political or demographic movement.

    Politics vs. Economics, II, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • Adult male Ethiopian black-headed siskin, Serinus nigriceps, also known as the Ethiopian siskin or (African/Abyssinian) black-headed siskin, or the black-headed serin, photographed at Bale Mountains, Ethiopia (Africa).

    Mystery bird: Abyssinian siskin, Serinus nigriceps

  • Ruppell's chat (Myrmecocichla melaena) and Ankober serin (Serinus ankoberensis) are two notable near-endemics.

    Ethiopian montane grasslands and woodlands

  • Threatened bird species include two near-endemics, the Ankober serin (Serinus ankoberensis, EN) and the white-winged flufftail (Sarothrura ayresi, EN).

    Ethiopian montane grasslands and woodlands

  • There are others that are even less well reported: a brown, thrush-sized duck from St. Paul Island in the Indian Ocean (described by John Barrow in 1793); an unverified serin from Ethiopia, referred to in passing by Clement et al. (1993, p. 17); and … the mystery birds of the Falkland Islands.

    Archive 2006-05-01

  • Notable endemics found here include the yellow-throated serin and Prince Ruspoli's turaco.

    Ethiopian montane forests

  • It is much more balanced and comfortable but I don't believe it protects against serin gas or anthrax.

    C'est Tres Post-K

  • I am not sure where you got your information, they found mustard gas, serin sp nerve agent, chemical warheads and more.

    Think Progress » Feingold: Joe Lieberman ‘Doesn’t Get It’

  • Soldiers are not just learning about nerve agents, they're learning specifically about serin gas.

    CNN Transcript Feb 10, 2003

  • RICE: Well, first of all, let's remember that -- and I would remind those who say this -- that we have been trying to contain Iraq for 12 years, and what Saddam Hussein has done is to continue to build his weapons of mass destruction, continued to hold on to stores and to materials for VX and for serin gas and for botulinum toxin and for anthrax.

    CNN Transcript Feb 9, 2003


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