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  • n. Plural form of serine.


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  • The key difference between dry silks from moths and butterflies and wet silks from caddisflies is that the serines in the silk from caddisflies are "phosphorylated," meaning phosphates are added to the serines as the fibroin silk protein is synthesized.

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  • The phosphates attached to the serines are negatively charged.

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  • Fitzpatrick PF, Daubner SC (2005) Mutation of regulatory serines of rat tyrosine hydroxylase to glutamate: effects on enzyme stability and activity.

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  • The most frequently acylated residues within proteins are lysines (as in histone N-acetylation) and cysteines (as in protein S-palmitoylation); serines seem to be seldom acylated.

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  • On the other hand, the CTD of NFAT5 has a high content of serines (145 residues) and threonines (74 residues), which together comprise more than 22% of this domain, suggesting the possibility of a complex phosphorylation-dependent regulation.

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  • Previously uncharacterized phosphorylation sites at serines 46/47, 282, 294, and 559 were identified by manual Edman degradation and phosphoamino acid analysis and confirmed by mutagenesis and phospho-specific antibodies.

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  • [15], which requires phosphorylation of β-catenin by Gsk3β on 3 serines and one threonine residue, all of which are encoded in exon 3 of the β-catenin gene

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  • Importantly, the hyperphosphorylation of Rb occurs on several sites in Rb's C-terminal region (and in other regions), and such hyperphosphorylated Rb has been shown to become easily extractable with non-ionic detergents in late-G To determine the timing of Rb hyperphosphorylation in MK cells, we used an antibody specific for Rb phosphorylated on serines 807 and 811, both of which are in Rb's C-terminal region Figure 2B, soluble fraction, note none in the chromatin fraction).

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