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  • Same as serio-comic.


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  • "I don't exactly know," answered the individual addressed, shaking his head with a serio-comical expression; "but stifle me with the night-mar, if ever I'm cotched riding a race with death on horseback agin."

    Ella Barnwell A Historical Romance of Border Life

  • Ludicrous mistakes are everywhere met with, where this serio-comical people have attempted to imitate name, trade-mark, and everything complete.

    Around the World on a Bicycle - Volume II From Teheran To Yokohama

  • He remembered, too, with a serio-comical kind of remorse, the manner in which he had spoken to Mrs. Costello about Maurice.

    A Canadian Heroine, Volume 3 A Novel

  • A few days later she added more commendations to the journal-letters she kept for the anxious mothers at home, and this serio-comical event was the cause of her fresh praises.

    A Garland for Girls

  • The doctor looked at Mr. Simlins, with a serio-comical expression.

    Say and Seal, Volume I

  • He was a man of diminutive stature, and with a countenance of a serio-comical cast.

    The Wild Huntress Love in the Wilderness

  • Striker's remonstrance sounds strange -- under the circumstances, serio-comical.

    The Flag of Distress A Story of the South Sea

  • The head of Fritz, just showing above the shoulder of the shikarree, while his body was shrouded in a piece of shaggy yak-skin, presented a very ludicrous spectacle, and his countenance wore quite a serio-comical expression.

    The Plant Hunters Adventures Among the Himalaya Mountains

  • But other fellows also wished to examine the suspicious headgear, and it passed from hand to hand before it was returned to my father in a more or less damaged condition, Even then a good many men were not satisfied respecting our nationality, but during that incident of the hat -- a laughable one to me nowadays, though everything looked very ugly when it occurred -- there had been time for the men's angry passions to cool, to a considerable extent at all events; and after that serio-comical interlude, they were much less eager to inflict on us the summary law of Lynch.

    My Days of Adventure The Fall of France, 1870-71

  • "I invite you all to see the magical, tragical, incomparable, serio-comical task I am about to perform.

    Johnnie and Billie Bushytail


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