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  • noun A Middle English spelling of sark.


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  • On his head there was a plain steel helmet, but he wore no "serk", or shirt of mail (hence the name of berserk, or bare of serk), and he was, like the rest of his comrades, noted for being capable of working himself up into such a fury of madness while in action, that few people of ordinary powers could stand before his terrible onset.

    Erling the Bold

  • February 6, 2008 at 7:09 am serk doo solay dress rehersl furr teh noo show in vaygas – carpet ring jimnastiks.

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  • Sae wi 'a lang white serk on, an' a can'le i 'their hands, they set them up for the rabble fowk to clod at them, an' whiles they tied them to a bit stick an 'set lunt [fire] to them -- an that's the origin o' yer stool o 'repentance.

    The Lilac Sunbonnet

  • In the story of Grettir, both the art of the novelist and the lore of the archæologist have had full scope, with the result that we have a narrative of adventure of the most romantic kind, and at the same time an interesting and minutely accurate account of the old Icelandic families, their homes, their mode of life, their superstitions, their songs and stories, their bear-serk fury, and their heroism by land and sea.

    Tales of Daring and Danger

  • "She perfectly demonstrates Midgard's underlining philosophy: that it is possible to control your 'serk outs if you don't fully give in to your rage."

    Comic Book Resources

  • i mus thenk bout ways to circum…cerc…get round dis smart kitteh can halp u cerk, serk… get round dis picture: dunno source, via our lolcat builder. lol caption: tmgray

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  • "If you 'serk out, you'll be the strongest dude in the room, but there's no reason for a sniper, for example, to fear you.

    Comic Book Resources


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