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  • n. Plural form of sermonizer.


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  • But I should think that CNN, MSNBC and ... well, just CNN and MSNBC, really ... would actually like to have the comfort of knowing that their on-air spouters and sermonizers weren't total hypocrites, and would defenestrate hosts who violate basic standards.

    Lou Dobbs, evil idiot

  • There are many great ranters, sermonizers, and bullshitters online, but few great readers.

    Archive 2007-07-01

  • Do I her Victorian sermonizers whirling merrily in their ecclesiastical coffins?

    Not learning from experience

  • I grant you that in this scheme of life there does enter ever so little hypocrisy; that this claret is loaded, as it were; but your desire to PORTIFY yourself is amiable, is pardonable, is perhaps honorable: and were there no other hypocrisies than yours in the world we should be a set of worthy fellows; and sermonizers, moralizers, satirizers, would have to hold their tongues, and go to some other trade to get

    Roundabout Papers

  • And since I have heard sermons in the past back when I still went to church at least occasionally which credited God for science, the least such sermonizers could do is to include God in the credits for evolution as well as for physics.

    Evolution Sunday - The Panda's Thumb

  • Let's see how my sermonizers explain what appears to be a paradox.

    Why Protestantism is "older" than the Roman Catholic Church: A brief excursion into some commonplaces of Victorian Protestantism

  • I'm curious,LP: Do any of your anti-Catholic sermonizers described Catholics/Catholicism as the antichrist?

    The Progress of Morals: Day 9 (and Ultimate)

  • One of the pious sermonizers who failed to speak out and who fancied himself a political philosopher wrote an article for The New York Times Magazine explaining to the world why capitulation had been necessary at Cornell.


  • The right-wing sermonizers, with their screeds about the corrosion of our moral values, have distracted the rest of us from appreciating the effect of the changing nature of job opportunities in the United States.

    FAT and MEAN

  • One of the Muslim sermonizers called on Allah to “pour out wrath” on U.S.

    Dutch tolerance may benefit Muslim extremists


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