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  • adj. Describing the serosa.
  • adj. Of or pertaining to the serosa.


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  • Such an approach for early-stage patients would also make sense when there are other risk factors for poor outcomes, such as vascular invasion or serosal involvement, they said. - medical news plus CME for physicians

  • Collagenous - collagen fiber predominates Depending on the amount of collagen fiber - subdivided into: a. Loose - also called as "Areolar tissue" - with numerous potential spaces which can be distended by fluid, blood or pus; found in the papillary layer of dermis, hypodermis, serosal linings of the peritoneal and pleural cavities, pia mater of spinal cord, endomysium of muscles, endoneurium of nerves b.

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  • Bacteremia progresses to septicemia and death, or the infection extends to serosal surfaces, pericardium, joints, and other organs.

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  • The serosal cuticle (SC) contributes to mosquito egg desiccation resistance, but the kinetics of SC secretion during embryogenesis is unknown.

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  • We observed an abrupt acquisition of desiccation resistance during Ae. aegypti embryogenesis associated with serosal cuticle secretion, occurring at complete germ band extension, between 11 and 13 hours after egglaying.

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  • In addition to the peritrophic matrix and exoskeleton, these findings confirm chitin is also present in the mosquito serosal cuticle.

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  • It was verified that at the moment of serosal cuticle formation, AaCHS1a is the sole variant specifically expressed.

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