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  • House, what I meant was try lodging a complaint against a police oficer with serpas and see how far you get. on 3 / 13 / 09


  • You are a loser and ought to be locked up for good. at 10: 25 mayor dean if the citizens of nashville cant smell the stench of your little inquiry it would only be because their noses are still numb from the flood waters that you failed to protect them from! why would you call for an audit now that your right hand man has left office, were you afraid of him? just as your incompetence showed during the flood, all actions by your department heads whether they be good or bad falls back on you as the leader of the nashville government ...... you were a lawyer i guess you forgot that part! now do you really want to open the lid on this can of snakes because once its open you cant put the lid back on! you knew whatever it was that serpas was doing! remember the message that was sent to the businesses on 1st avenue after the corps of engineers warned you "we have no sanbags or sand, you are on your on"; well serpas is gone back to those snakes that he came from in new orleans so whatever illegal or inept practices that you uncover you will be the one blamed and left to deal with! as the leader of the metro government if you thought something was going wrong in the police department it was your duty to find out what it was and fix it while serpas was still there, not act like a coward and wait until he's gone! if its one thing i can say about serpas, he did what he wanted to do and didn't care about the fallout! now how about you be a man and stop that audit and use the money that it wouldve cost and give an ex employee their job back! at 4: 30

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