serpent-tongued love



from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adj. Having a forked tongue, like a serpent.


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  • The editor, Edward Rimbault tells us that "the tale of Sir Thomas Overbury is indeed one of fearful mystery," and produces a tale of intrigue and witchcraft that ends with the suggestion that Mayerne, the doctor purportedly involved in Overbury's death was only an instrument and "James the First, the double-faced, " serpent-tongued," King of England, the murderer!"

    But if not Shakespeare, then who?

  • Critics delighted in her haughty, serpent-tongued deliveries.

    CNN Transcript Apr 27, 2009

  • We must all think about the horrible things that the Clintonistas and their serpent-tongued mouthpieces have said over the past five months and uniformly agree that if Obama picks that viperous backstabbing race-baiting, sexism-card-playing homo-sapien for VP, we will vote for Bob Barr. Sorry Nader, you're older and crazier than McInsane.

    Reny Monk: Obama Presents Broom to the Wizards Tonight

  • Since the upper crust aped English manners, Scorsese assembled a brilliant supporting cast of British actors like Miriam Margolyes as the dowager Mrs. Mingott, a female Falstaff, inundated by lap dogs, and Alec McCowen as Sillerton Jackson, a serpent-tongued Satan of gossip.

    This Fall's A Ball

  • Dung and offal on the heads of all serpent-tongued charmers!

    The Annual Christmas Blogletter

  • Harry heard Hermione gasp, horrified, as a gigantic serpent-tongued skull erupted from the point where the two wands met, but it was a mere shadow of the green skull high above them; it looked as though it were made of thick gray smoke: the ghost of a spell.

    Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

  • Gazing around the wheeling, converging horde of enemies, he glimpsed a new wave of serpent-tongued fighters, and he could tell from Evadne's gasps of consternation that the lurid daylight was revealing hideous sights to her as well.

    Conan The Warlord

  • Perhaps no one has felt the ire of Streep's more serpent-tongued fans more than her fellow actresses, and none more viciously than Hilary Swank, whose never even been nominated opposite Streep but whose name continues to be invoked because she has one more Best Actress trophy to her name-and none, by the way, for

    The House Next Door

  • Richard Watts of the New York Post called her performance "a portrait in acid of a savagely witty, cynical and serpent-tongued woman."

    Local News from The Lakeland Ledger

  • Indeed, when "Mame" opened on May 24, 1966, the New York Post's Richard Watts wrote that Arthur's Vera was "a portrait in acid of a savagely witty, cynical and serpent-tongued woman who is at once a terror, a scourge, the relentless voice of truth and a pleasure to have around." - Zap 2 News & Buzz


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